Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Effective February 1, 2011
The following maybe assessed against your account:
ACH Fees
ACH NSF Return fee $29.00
ACH NSF Non Return Fee $29.00
ACH Stop Payment Fee $25.00
ACH Notice of Change/Manual Posting $2.00
Foreign ATM – 6 Free Per Month $1.00
Debit Card Fees
Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Reactivate Debit Card $20.00
Temporary Limit Increase $10.00
Share Draft Fees
Overdraft Item Paid $29.00
Overdraft Item Returned $29.00
Draft Copies $2.00
NSF Transfer From Savings $5.00
Check Reject Fee $2.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Block Stop Payment $30.00
Returned Deposited Items $20.00
Share Account Fees
Below Par Value (Monthly) $5.00
Withdrawal: Over limit of 6 per month $1.00
Dormant Account (Monthly) $5.00
Account Closure (Within 90 Days of opening) $25.00
Savings Inactivity After 12 Months $1.00
Returned Deposited Items $20.00
Official Check Fees
Member Payee N/C
Other Payee $2.00
Stop Payment (or our cost if larger) $30.00
IRA Fees
Close IRA Account $20.00
Wire Transfer Fees
Wire Transfer (Domestic) N/C
Wire Transfer Out (Domestic) $25.00
Western Union Fees
Western Union (Domestic) $25.00
Loan Fees
Replace Loan Coupon Book $5.00
Returned Chcek on Loan Payment
Travelers Cheque Fees
AE Gift Cheques (Per Cheque) $1.25
AE Travelers Cheques (per $100)
AE Travelers Cheques for two (per $100) $1.50
Statement Fees
Copies Of Statements $5.00
Returned Statement Fee $5.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Account Balance/Research (Perhour-1 hr min) $20.00
Account Printout $1.00
Certified Mail $4.00
Copies Of letters (Per item) $2.00
Faxed Item Outgoing (Per Page) $1.00
Faxed Item Incoming $0.50
Money Order $2.00
Official Retrieval (our cost plus) $2.00
Phone Transfer Fee $1.00
Rolled Coin per roll (5 Or More Rolls) $0.10
Verification of Deposit $5.00
Visa Gift Card $3.00
Internet Banking Free
Phone Banking Bill Pay Free
Bill Pay Free
Bill Pay Inactivity Monthly Fee- After 90 days $10.00
International Services Varies
Legal Charges
Tax Levy/Garnishment/Citation/Lien/Etc $50.00
Check Cashing
Check Cashing (Per Check) $5.00
Does Not Apply To Members With:
A current loan in good standing
A current aggregated balance of $250 or more